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11 Dec

Public Enemy No. 1: Lake Michigan

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Nobody is safe.


22 Jan

Where the magic happens

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My coworkers and me in the Fantástico Sur office on the second floor of Refugio Torres Central. Milan (back row, higher boy) just brought us some toast from the kitchen downstairs, so we’re all happy.

Everyone stay at refugios run by Fantástico Sur! They’re the best! You’ll be lodged, you’ll be fed, you’ll be happy!!!
E-mail, or call our reservations line based in the park at (56)(61) 360-361, extension 380.

Does that count as my marketing for the day? Can I go play outside now?

28 Dec

Christmas happens

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Christmas happens, even if you’re in a place where it’s sunny and summer and about as far from the North Pole as you can get. Here’s proof (I was present as witness):


Christmas happening

I had a distinctly different Christmas experience than usual though, what with being in Patagonia, thousands miles from family, home and tradition.

Christmasy things I didn’t do this year:
•  Taste gingerbread or lemon squares
•  See Frankie shoot his eye out on television numerous times per day
•  Wear my puffy-painted Santa sweatshirt
•  Hear the cat try to climb the Christmas tree in the next room
•  Watch the traffic director at the local shopping center dance while signalling cars
•  Lip sync along with the carolers at my doorstep

Christmasy things I did do this year:
•  Decorate our cabin by hanging stockings and a string of lights from the curtain rods and putting a 2-inch Christmastree made of green beads in the windowsill
•  Blare English-language Christmas carols from my computer while sitting in front of the woodburning stove with my roommates one evening
•  Buy chocolates and a bracelet for my amiga secreta at work
•  Visit my second cousin Christian Santelices at his family’s ranch in Río Verde, a small community about an hour and a half from Punta Arenas. Eat a feast, open gifts by a tree.