Bunk Sandwiches

Fodor’s guide to Portland, Oregon
2014 edition

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Watch out: you’re about to have a new favorite sandwich shop. This trendy hole-in-the-wall establishment serves up inventive creations like the pork belly cubano with ham, swiss, pickles, and mustard on a light poppyseed bun that will put all other sandwiches to shame. Try the meatball parmigiano hero, the albacore tuna melt, or the roasted butternut squash with caramelized onions, Gruyère, and arugula. Long lines form at lunchtime in this narrow soda-shop style bar, but once you settle in at a table and experience the rich flavors and high-quality ingredients, you’ll forget you had to wait.

bunk sandwich



  • No dinner.

Other location

  • 211 SW 6th Ave., Downtown, Portland, OR, 97209, 503/972–8100

Image by Shawn Khoury on www.bunksandwiches.com.

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